About me

Ben Berkenbosch is a full-time composer and pianist, born in The Netherlands. He dedicates his life to create music that evokes strong emotions. At 12-years old he started playing piano, ever since then Ben quickly started bringing his own interpretations of music and emotions to life. Ben’s music is a result of thousands of hours of passion, sadness, hope, and inspiration.

In 2023 Ben's music has been featured on Ólafur Arnalds' podcast: "Ultimate Calm" on the BBC. You can find Ben’s music can on many big YouTube channels, like Epic Music World, Pandora Journey, ThePrimeCronus, My Soul Your Beats, and many more. His music has also been featured on many big Spotify playlists, including the official Spotify playlists: “Calm” and "cloud gazing".

Ben released his first song in the summer of 2021, ever since then he has been releasing new music regularly. At the start of 2022 Ben’s debut album: “Frozen In Time” came out. Frozen in time is a collection of epic, emotional, and ambient music with piano in the center of it all. At the start of 2023, Ben Berkenbosch and Lorenzo Ferrara released a special 3-part EP: “At The End Of The World” on Epic Music World. Shortly after this, Ben released his second album: "The Odyssey", an album that features a variety of emotional, organic, orchestral pieces. 

This is Ben Berkenbosch: "Music To Carry Our Emotions”

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